Our Story

Over-achiever, dreamer and Pisces, 18 year old Sophia Richards founded Crush Candle Company in 2018.

Believe it or not, Sophia's grandma, Cynthia Faye, is a world-renowned psychic who taught her many things about following her intuition. "She would burn sage to clear out negative energy and
always brought a happy, calming peace to every room. She is the most positive person in the world."

 When Sophia began making candles in her kitchen at age 15, she would add a little piece of sage on top and give them to family and friends as gifts. Crush Candle Company's first candle was the Sacred Smudge Sage & Lavender,and today is their number one seller.

Every Crush Candle is handmade, resulting in a unique, one of a kind design atop each candle.
Every candle is truly a work of art. Superior soy, hand poured in small batches,
made by the sea in gorgeous Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.